I graduated in architecture in 1995. So as to say, I am the old school of architects. I was raised in Tours, the former religious capital of France and I was baptized in the Saint Louis cathedral of La Rochelle, where I was born. My father was born the 24th of December ans I was born a 8th of July. My mother gave birth into a nursing home for elderlies. The surgeon was Jewish and it was his first time giving birth to a baby.

I grew up with a lot of questions about myself, my parents, my family. My piano teacher was the great organ of the cathedral of Tours. Her name was Miss Battle. She gave me my foundations.

Eima Blank is a pen name. My real name means X-Man. The name of my grand-father was Eva. My real family name carries the name of European Barbarians who have built cathedrals, castles and monasteries. I was not born to write, my parents were of very common conditions, but I grew up to write. It is from the people I met in my life that came the joy and the willing to write, to learn and to explore.

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